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Revealers - Amanda Marrone Jules is just living the witchy life. She's just a normal teenager with a great group of friends and a bit of style -- but by night, she's killing werewolves, vampires and ghosts with her kick-ass powers, albeit in the oh-so-stylin' threads of a cloak. But as she and her friends approach their 18th birthdays, they start to discover something seriously strange is afoot.

I dunno. I enjoyed this -- it was an easy read, though definitely aimed at the younger of the YA crowd, and there's a mean-girls theme going on that I tend to not be very comfortable with in YA fiction. They do team up and get it together as a group by the end, but it's like nobody else really exists for these girls outside of their circle. And it felt like the end compromised the principles Jules was fighting for all the way through the book. Altogether, glad I got this off my to-read bookcase, but something I could have skipped.