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The Way Into Darkness: Book Three of The Great Way

The Way Into Darkness: Book Three of The Great Way - Harry Connolly The former Peradaini Empire is a burned ruin of empty cities, abandoned farmlands, bodies and monsters running rampant, attacking any survivors they can find. Refugees huddle in the uncertain safety of walled cities. Crops remain unharvested. Provisions are scarce. Things look dire. But there’s still hope -- if Cazia and Tejohn can get a stolen magic to work, they might be able to fight back. This series really ought to be better known than it is. After a successful Kickstarter campaign got it onto the map, Connolly released the three books in quick succession. “Epic fantasy without the boring bits” was how he described it, and really? Very true. There’s no downtime in this, it’s disaster and then the epic attempt to save the world. Very cool.