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The Way of Kings

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson Okay, so.

This book has sat at the top of my to-read list for several years. Seriously. My friends love it, the reviews screamed that it was insanely good. It really sat at the #1 position no matter how I ordered the stupid list. For years.

Maybe that's why I didn't read it. The expectations were too high. The book was too epic. I didn't want to get into another Game of Thrones where I'm waiting for the latest tome for years, and end up having to read several thousand pages to catch up on the story lines before the latest book comes out. I wonder if the whole series will hold up to the first book. I have to worry that the author will die before the dang series finishes.

Those last worries really don't apply to Sanderson, though; he's young, he's a writing machine, I can't imagine how he puts out the number of books he does a year without wearing his fingers down to nubs, most everything he writes is fantastic.

And so I finally embarked upon The Way of Kings.

It mostly held up to the hype. It definitely reads like Sanderson -- if you like him, you'll love this; if you don't, you won't. Simple as that. It's easily accessible language, great characterization, NO DANG CLIFFHANGERS AT THE END OF EVERY CHAPTER .. ahem. Actually, that last part is important. This book is good -- there's a good hook at the end of it, but not something that I'll be foaming at the mouth to read the next one about. And I can take a break before I jump into the next novel without freaking out that I'm going to lose the line of plot.

Either way, at the end of the book, I was repeatedly recommending it to my husband, who probably won't pick it up until the series is closer to completion. The journey was worth it -- just wishing I hadn't started it until it was finished either. ;)