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On Basilisk Station  - David Weber Honor's hit bottom -- and there's nowhere to go but up. The best of the epic space battles to the death, Honor's an officer we'd all love to follow.

There's a part of me that feels like On Basilisk Station is the utter best out of the entire Honorverse series, and that may be because I adore when a good universe is set up and worked within. I love the Honorverse, the death rides, the fantastic crews...but On Basilisk Station has it all: Honor overcoming terrible odds, somehow making everything work out by the skin of her teeth. I think it's the purest of the bunch, and I LOVE it.

I'm plowing on with the series. Again. I'd kind of vowed to not re-read this for a while until I'd gotten a few more books off my to-read list, which has reached a length that would take me years to catch up with. But here I am, reading it again, because my father let a tidbit from one of the new books drop. Wish me luck.