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Dauntless - Jack Campbell I dunno.

There's parts of me that really did not like this book. It's rigid, preachy, and Campbell uses the political and military figureheads stationed on Dauntless as devices to allow him to explain things to the reader. There is a LOT of telling, and very little showing. And the ending is incredibly abrupt. I mean, my audio book ended and I was like, "Am I missing a file or something?" kind of abrupt. The tension's lackluster and the descriptions of battle are..well. Yeah. Lackluster's the right way to describe the book.

That said, there was something that made me come back to it. I dunno, I was interested in whole process. But it really made me long for some David Weber.

It's been a long time since I've been this ambivalent about a book. Usually it's either, "Hey, this is cool, I'll keep reading it," or, "Wow, this is awful, I'm done." :/ Anyway. Yeah.

Edited to add: I started reading Fearless a week or two later, and after the first encounter and Rion following Geary to his quarters to exposit to, I just quit. I cannot stand poor character development and characters created solely to service the plot.