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Out of the Dark - David Weber This book made me sad.

Not because it was a sad book. Okay, well, rather, it is, but not in the cry-me-a-river sort of way.

It made me sad because I am a HUGE David Weber fan. I love his Honor Harrington series. Love it. Lurve it, even.

I am also a huge fan of end-of-the-world apocalyptic scenarios, even if that means an invasion by a crazy alien species.

This book was all set up to be one of my all-time favorites. Really. Seriously.

But the gaping plot holes..and the craziness...and the...vampires? Really? Vampires? We already have a crazy militaristic alien species nuking the planet and the survivors are in a losing battle to survive, and we get..vampires?

That, tacked onto everything else, just made the jump from improbable to completely implausible. Suspension of disbelief completely suspended. And thus I was sad.