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Untitled Downside Ghosts - Stacia Kane FINALLY!

I think I'm just dancing around the campfire because Chess finally sorted something out. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Maybe not. She's got such deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, though, that she's just not sure how to handle something real.

Wait. Hold the phone. Back up. I don't even LIKE romances, and here I am grabbing for the next book because I'm desperate to know the outcome of relationship drama? Yes, yes I am. Here I stand, loud and proud, wanting to know how the heck Chess's relationship drama has sorted itself out.

And the truth is, it really hasn't. Which is fair. Chess has issues. She's got subscriptions. No, no, she has junk mail. Stuff's just pouring in through the mail slot. And yes, there were times that my heart just broke for her, because she's just so terribly earnest about not wanting to mess things up, and she messes things up simply because of that.

Pair up one majorly damaged heroine that we all root for, because if Chess can manage to sort herself out, any of us can, really, with some majorly messed up ghosts and a brewing turf war, and we've got one of the best books from Stacia Kane yet.