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Frost Moon - Anthony Francis If you're a fan of urban fantasy, murder mysteries and tough broads, this may be the book for you. I have to say that I really did enjoy it -- it sucked me right in in a way that a lot of urban fantasy really doesn't, and I ended up reading it in an evening.

There was a lot of suspension of disbelief involved, though; every man looked like he was out of GQ and wanted the leading character, and every woman was mind-blowingly beautiful (and usually also wanted the leading character). People waltzed in just at the right (or wrong) time, and in ways that were totally unlikely (a series of friends who walk into a trap? really?).

This is not to say that Frost Moon was a bad book. Hardly -- it was fun and creative, an awful lot like cotton candy -- melts in your mouth fast, doesn't have an awful lot of substance, but is pretty darned yummy.

Kudos to the author for including the victimization complex that happens after an attack. That was a bit of psychological realism that I often wonder at the lack of in many books.

Finally, this book is eerily similar to Amazon Ink, by Lori Devoti. Same basic premise, same leading character, different magic system. Try this book or ..well, anything involving Anita Blake.. if you're looking for a similar tough-girl approach to the magical world.