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The Wee Free Men: The Beginning

The Wee Free Men: The Beginning - Terry Pratchett I'm working on a fantasy reading challenge, and one of the categories was comic fantasy, and, to be quite honest with you, I really struggled with this one even though Pratchett is my husband's favorite author. I’ve read what I wanted of the series and I was cool. Really enjoyed Good Omens and Equal Rites, and really? Content with that. So this time, husband and I went back and forth -- I wanted to read about Susan but not about Mort and not really even particularly about Death, so I tried Soul Music and just couldn't get into it. The other POVs were distracting and I just wasn't enjoying myself. Then he suggested Guards! Guards! Same problem -- just wasn't into it. He threw this one at me thinking I might enjoy reading about Tiffany, and he was right, I’m enjoying it.

The Wee Free Men follows Tiffany Aching, a precocious 9 year old who isn't afraid to speak her mind, as she attempts to rescue her very sticky, not-particularly-lovable little brother from the evil queen with the help of the wee free men, and, on the way, she learns about becoming a chalk witch. It was cute and full of clever quips and snarks, and I have always loved the way Pratchett writes about young girls -- independent, smart, and perfectly capable of saving themselves, thank you very much. Tiffany's a great addition to a cast of strong women, and she uses her wits and an iron skillet -- and not her magic! -- to save herself, her very sticky brother, and her friends, the wee men.

Definitely worth a read -- and a recommendation to kids, or anyone who enjoys comic fantasy, YA fantasy, or comic fantasy.